Flash News | 24.2.2023 | China again calls for cease-fire on anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war
Flash News | 23.2.2023 | Baidu says its alternative to ChatGPT is coming to the public in March / The U.S. and China met to discuss the ‘spy balloon.’
Flash News | 22.2.2023 | Asia markets fall as New Zealand hikes rates to 14-year high / Amazon employees express dismay
Flash News | 21.2.2023 | HSBC reports fourth-quarter pre-tax profit of $5.2 billion / European markets open lower
Flash News | 20.2.2023 | European markets open higher / India hits back after George Soros says Adani troubles will greatly weaken Modi’s grip on power
Flash News | 17.2.2023 | Singapore posts worst non-oil domestic exports in a decade / Dropbox hit with $175 million real estate loss for 2022
Flash News | 16.2.2023 | Google asks employees to rewrite Bard’s bad responses / Asia markets mostly rise as U.S. sales jump
Flash News | 15.2.2023 | Elon Musk aiming to appoint his successor as Twitter CEO by the end of 2023 / UK inflation rate dips for third straight month to hit 10.1%
Flash News | 14.2.2023 | Ford to eliminate 3,800 engineering, administration jobs in Europe